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Arama -- Modals

İngilizce/KPDS UDS Soruları
You ....... the meeting this week if you are too busy. There is going to be another one next week and you ....... to that one.

İngilizce/KPDS UDS Soruları
- You look as if you are having trouble with your homework. ....... you like me to help you with it?

İngilizce/KPDS UDS Soruları
- I thought that I had my keys with me, but I can't find them in my coat. I ..... them in my other coat.

İngilizce/KPDS UDS Soruları
- I've heard that Mr Benner is the toughest teacher for this course. You ....... to get another teacher, or you can't get a good mark.

İngilizce/KPDS UDS Soruları
- You ....... to bed early the night before an exam. A good night's sleep will do you more good than studying all night and then falling asleep in the exam.

İngilizce/KPDS UDS Soruları
- Would you mind ....... your music so loudly? I'm trying to study.

İngilizce/KPDS UDS Soruları
- The former president never ....... to the press, but this one is much more accessible.

İngilizce/KPDS UDS Soruları
- Hurray! We ....... to school today because it is snowing so hard.

İngilizce/KPDS UDS Soruları
- Wilber ....... smoking and eating meat after his heart attack, but he didn't and now he has had a second one.

İngilizce/KPDS UDS Soruları
- According to the weather report, it ...... tomorrow, and if it does, we ...... the hike I've been looking forward to.

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