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Teaching children to swim at an early age is not only something the kids will enjoy, but vital to their general safety. With so many backyard swimming pools, rivers and reservoirs scattered about urba...

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While the invention of e-mail certainly has many advantages, the world surely miss the pleasure of old fashioned letters in the mail. A hand written letter has a personal touch an electronic message ...

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In human beings, instinct reveals itself in such things as self-protection in the face of attack. ………. . They, for instance, build their nests entirely by instinct. More dramatic, perhaps, is t...

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The mosquito is an insect belonging to the fly family and found in most parts of the world. Its eggs are laid and hatched in stagnant water. ……… . Likewise, another type is responsible for yell...

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………. .Figure skating includes jumps and spins performed to music and the free skating event allows freedom of expression and interpretation. Speed skating involves races of various distances fr...

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Fear of the number 13 has long been a superstition. Its roots are religious. At the Last Supper of Jesus and his disciples, there were 13 persons, one of whom was Judas, the traitor. Today many tall b...

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Lightships are aids to navigation, similar in function to lighthouses. They came into use in the 17th century in places where it was not practical to build a lighthouse. Modern lightships are steel v...

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People of all ages in nearly every country where there is mountainous terrain enjoy the unique appeal of skiing. It is one of the few sports that enable people to move at high rates of speed without a...

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In recent years, "supermarkets" and the even larger "hypermarkets" have spread across the landscape……….. . Not everyone agrees, though, that they are a good thing. Those who object to these vast...

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In the bronze age, the time of the Trojan Wars, ships seldom ventured out of sight of land because they had large crews to man the oars, and little space for provisions or sleeping. Nor were they abl...

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