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Typing is the most basic skill of the information-based economy. Those with typing skills, which can be acquired through a relatively basic course, are virtually assured of employment, though the pay ...

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In recent years there has been a lot of discussion about how to improve the American educational system, because the shocking fact is that many young Americans leave schools even without the ability t...

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…………You may feel perfectly fine until it rises to a certain extent. But when your cholesterol sneaks up above a desirable level, you are at risk of having a heart attack, heart disease, or a s...

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Most babies begin to use a few sounds that mean something when they are about a year old. However, there are perfectly normal children who wait months longer. .......... . A friendly, outgoing baby ju...

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......... The fall of snow in Tokyo provides a good example for this. There, one or two centimetres of snow is enough to shut down the entire city. Yet just a couple of hours away on the other side of...

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Mobile phones are used by one in five people in Britain. They are an accepted part of life in the 1990s. However, mobile phones are now beginning to suffer from an image problem after a series of scar...

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When we look at the night sky. It seems that the planets are always changing their positions while the stars appear to be fixed. ………… . One star, for example, though it actually moves quite fa...

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Several years ago, two British backpackers were among the forty-seven passengers who survived the hijack and crash of a flight from Addis Ababa to Nairobi. They never saw their hijackers, and did not...

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In today’s society, where many occupations do not involve physical activity, staying healthy is often difficult,……. .However, maintaining one's health is not all that easy. Although health- cons...

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We live in an era when television has become the national pastime. Since the invention of the TV, people have been spending more free time watching it than doing anything else. Some TV addicts defend ...

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