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…… . Of them, a well-trained doctor will select the best that will cure a particular illness of a patient. Sometimes there are some points to consider even within the same method. The use of an an...

İngilizce/LYS İngilizce Soruları
A number of farmers and gardeners today have taken up what is called “organic” farming and gardening, which means growing plants and vegetables without using man-made chemicals. A good example of ...

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In 1846, an Italian chemist named Asciano Sobrero produced the first nitro-glycerine. When he heated a drop of it, it produced a large explosion. ……. .Of course his noble gesture did no good at al...

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If we think of the Neanderthal man at all, we tend to think of an ape-like creature, ugly and low in intelligence. In fact this distant ancestor of ours was more intelligent and accomplished than is g...

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…….. because, after centuries of scientific stagnation, there were suddenly a number of new inventions and discoveries. It was early in the century, for example, that Galileo perfected the telesco...

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In most traditional societies, nothing goes to waste. For example, some nomadic societies live almost entirely on the products of their animals. They burn the dried dung for fuel, drink the milk, clot...

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…………..for his father spoke only English, Gaelic was James's mother tongue. English always felt flat and harsh, like daylight after night-fishing, but his mother made sure he was as proficient ...

İngilizce/LYS İngilizce Soruları
The social scientist Talcott Parsons developed the "Role-Model Theory", which meant a boy would follow his father for his role model, while a girl would follow her mother. It soon became apparent, how...

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…………. . It affects eight percent of men and one in two hundred and fifty women. It is particularly troublesome when individuals cannot distinguish between red and green - the colours of traffi...

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……… . Both are derived from the Greek term for city-state and have to do with the administration and oversight of communities of people. Police operations vary from nation to nation. In some st...

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