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Janissaries were the elite troops of the Ottoman Army and were founded in the 14th century. ………. . From the 17th century onward, however, Muslims were recruited as well, and they became a powerf...

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The Kani people belong to one of the poorest tribes in the southern Indian state of Kerala. These rain-forest dwellers live in fragile shacks. Each night they sleep with the fear that a passing herd o...

İngilizce/LYS İngilizce Soruları
…………. . By translating the results of scientific, experiments into mathematical terms, it is possible to develop assumptions and formulae for general application. Further experimentation is of...

İngilizce/LYS İngilizce Soruları
An overweight person beyond the age of forty, who has a family history of diabetes, fails in the high-risk category for contracting this disease. ………. . When both parents are diabetic, however, ...

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There is no trace of the violent event that happened on that cold winter's night over six months ago, as the meteorite came thundering down through the heavens. But then again, this place seems to be ...

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…………… . The letters have no meaning, but in Morse code the combination has a pronounced rhythm which attracts immediate attention. All ships observe two silence periods every hour, listening...

İngilizce/LYS İngilizce Soruları
It is ironic that the great nuclear powers of the world, the United States and Russia, have made themselves crusaders against the further expansion of nuclear weaponry. They've already got the power, ...

İngilizce/LYS İngilizce Soruları
……………. . Cave paintings dating back 20,000 years depict forms of ritual dance. Every community has developed a style of tribal or folk dancing, closely related to music, usually of a magical...

İngilizce/LYS İngilizce Soruları
The Sues Canal represents the culmination of centuries of effort to enhance trade and expand the empires of Egypt by connecting the Red and Mediterranean Seas. …………, but its significance came ...

İngilizce/LYS İngilizce Soruları
Orantgutans are like babies: playful, wide-eyed, and trusting. Genetically, the "men of the forest" as their name means in Malay, resemble humans more than any other animal on the Earth. ………. . ...

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