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…….. . The audience stood or sat in galleries on three sides of the stage, which was left open to the sky for the sake of light, as performances generally began at 2 p.m. At the back of the stage ...

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There is a new5km bridge in Bangladesh, where everyone who crosses in a vehicle must pay a toll. In order to avoid paying, most bus passengers simply get off their buses and walk across. The man who h...

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The first known people of the many to settle the island of Malta were the Phoenicians, who reached it in about the 9th century B.C. …………….. . In succession, the island was then occupied by t...

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Spice, the most desired commodity of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, was the driving force of merchant seafaring. Portugal started trading with China in 1557, and spread its trade across Southeast ...

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Most societies think that men are naturally suited to perform the most strenuous labour. ………… . For example, there was a kingdom in West Africa called Dahome, which used women as bodyguards an...

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Of all possible eating patterns, skipping breakfast and eating a big lunch is the worst. ………. . Your blood sugar and stored carbohydrates are low. The morning meal replaces the calories and nutr...

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………….. . Of course, it is only to be expected that they might over-react to their new freedoom, and it is probably better that their parents are not around to observe their behaviour. Normally...

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Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte were the novelist daughters of a country parson. Charlotte wrote Jane Eyre. Emily's most famous novel was Wuthering Heights, which she first published under the name E...

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For a number of years, radio telescopes have been trying to pick up signals from outer space, so far without success. There are, however, millions of possible radio frequencies, and there is no reason...

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In the United States, a large number of university students suffer from "student shock": severe depression stemming from inability to cope with student life. Universities have been trying a number of ...

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