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It was in 1961 that John F. Kennedy, then President of the United States, gave the "go ahead" for his country to make the maximum effort to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade. ……...

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……….. . Known as fossil fuels, they took about 250 million years to form, and although new coal and oil are being formed in parts of the world, this happens very slowly, so the coal and oil now ...

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Nine rotten teeth from such notable mouths as Queen Victoria, Florence Nightingale and Princes Mary are to be sold at auction. The blackened teeth are thought to have been collected by a society denti...

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The beaver is an aquatic mammal with a wide, scaly, paddle-like tail and webbed feet that it uses for swimming. …………… . They build these dams to protect themselves from such animals as the ...

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President is the title given to the head of state or chief executive in most republics…………. . In others, such as in Turkey, he merely represents his country, as does the monarch in a constitu...

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During the Second World War, the London tube became an air-raid shelter. Heavy raids began on 7 September 1940, Of course, there was mass panic as people rushed to find shelter, eventually finding the...

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When St Augustine arrived in Milan, he observed that the church did not fast on Saturday, as did the Church in Rome. He consulted St Ambrose, the bishop of Milan, who replied: "when I am in Rome. I fa...

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Through centuries of internal strife, and successions of warrior kingdoms, several ancient peoples fused into a unified national identity, as in the case of Scots. …………; Norsemen also settled ...

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Denim, the material that jeans are made of originally referred to a type of fabric called serge. This was first manufactured in Nimes, a town in Southern France. ………….., which means 'serge fro...

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Postcard collectors should gain some knowledge of the subject before they spend money on the first old batch they see. Of the millions of cards issued before 1914, only about 5% are worth anything Par...

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