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………… . Beyond these stretched vast deserts. Thus, although it was several hundred miles in length, Egypt was only a few miles in breadth. The prosperity of the land depended, naturally, upon t...

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One of the most important of literature writers have used to express their ideas over the last two centuries is the novel. Traditionally a novel is a story about a group of characters, where and how t...

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Many strange stories are told of the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Whalers and pirates took shelter there. The latter are supposed to have buried treasure there. Other stories tell of the gi...

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The element lithium was discovered in 1817. Since then it has been used as a cure for gout, epilepsy, diabetes, and, most recently, to relieve depression. However, there is a drawback. ………… . ...

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Rockets have a long history. …………. . However, the missile age recently began during World War II, when German scientists developed flying bombs which almost won the war for their country. Thei...

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Twenty years ago, senior managers might have been protected from unimportant memos by their juniors. …………..most managing directors have e-mail on their desktops, voice mail on their phones, bu...

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Stonehenge is the most important ancient ruin in the British Isles, situated on Salisbury Plain, not far from the town of Salisbury. The monument is made up of two large circles of huge stones, in the...

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Judo is based on the ancient Japanese techniques known as ju-jitsu. It is practised in many countries, and since 1964 has been an event of the Olympic Games, ………… . In the former, each contest...

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…………… . This is attained by freeing oneself from all desires. It is the goal of Buddhist religious exercises and disciplines and is seen to be complete happiness, free from pain and sufferin...

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CPR is the modern term for artificial respiration. It is only required when the victim has suffered a loss of breathing or heartbeat. The first step in determining whether breathing and heartbeat have...

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