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Serendib, as the early Arab seamen called the island we know today as Sri Lanka, may have been the land in one version of Sinbad's Seventh Voyage. In that story, Sinbad was captured by pirates and sol...

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………….. . Smokers who we trying to give up were split into two groups. One group was given acupuncture, specially designed to help them stop smoking. Of this group, 31% had given up smoking aft...

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Viruses are even smaller than bacteria, and are the simplest known forms of life. ………… . They live as parasites in bacteria, animals and some plants, Viruses invade the cells of their hosts an...

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Born in St Lucia in 1930, Derek Walcott and his twin brother Roderick were brought up by their mother, a schoolteacher, …………….. . Derek attended school in Jamaica and studied theatre in New ...

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………….. . It was designed and built during World War II to break the complex code used between the German High Command and front-line forces. The first model was demonstrated at Blectcley Park,...

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As a book collector, you should limit your interest to certain genres, themes or nationalities of authors. For example, science fiction, Russian literature, cinema books or books on World War I. …...

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Climatologists predict that a doubling of carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere will occur over the next l00years. ………. . This is an average rate much higher than at any time in the l...

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The number of people who go to the cinema has declined since the great days of Hollywood in the 1930s and '40s. The most likely cause is the ever-growing population of television. ……….. . Perhap...

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One of the biggest factors affecting the pattern of trade has been the creation of the European Community and other similar groups of trading countries. These have been designed to make it easier and ...

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Alien Ginsberg, who died in 1997 in New York, formed the Beat Generation of the 1950s along with William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. Ginsberg first captured public attention in 1956 with 'Howl', a lon...

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