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Pyramids have been built in many parts of the world, but the most famous are in Egypt. …….. . Known as the Step Pyramid because of its unusual stepped shape, it was the world's first large all-sto...

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Alexandra David-Neel spent many years in Tibet and was the first European to visit various parts of that mysterious land. ………. . However, she never hesitated to push on and continue her travels...

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A defining event of the century came in 1913 when Henry Ford opened his assembly line. Ordinary people could now afford a Model T. From now on, products were mass-produced and mass-marketed, with all...

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Some of the best discoveries are accidental. Until the 18405, for example, rubber was not a very useful material because it was too stiff in cold weather and too soft in hot weather. An American named...

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Before the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the United States had suffered an economic depression roughly every twenty years. This was regarded by business leaders as natural. …………. . ...

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……….. . Once language had developed, men were able to exchange thoughts and ideas. Perhaps most important of all, they were able to cooperate in improving their living conditions. The written wo...

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One of the wonders of modern medicine is spare-part surgery. This enables many of our joints to be replaced by man-made ones of stainless steel alloys, or plastics. A common joint replacement is that ...

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Medicine has been described as an art that makes use of all the sciences. Its purpose is to maintain the body in good health, to relieve pain, mend injury, and help prolong life. ………… . When w...

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Radiocarbon dating works by measuring an object for an element called carbon 14, traces of which are contained in all organic substances. …………. . This is possible because, although the amount...

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As anyone who follows rugby football knows, the game in South Africa is hard fought and tough. During the apartheid era, it was the whites-only Springboks, the national team, probably more than any ot...

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