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……………. . The pessimists complain that the computer revolution has gone about as far as it can go. They argue that the size of the atom - and the electrons that surround it - puts a limit on ...

İngilizce/LYS İngilizce Soruları
Speaking in public may be more than just terrifying. The stress may be deadly. A new US study has found that people whose hearts show ominous signs of poor circulation during such mental challenges fa...

İngilizce/LYS İngilizce Soruları
Globally, tuberculosis is among the biggest killers of young people and adults. In India, half a million people die from the disease each year. ………….. , when India adopted a strategy known as ...

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In Britain, about two million people, most of whom are drivers, are so seriously illiterate that they cannot read a road sign. Twenty percent of all Britons are unable to read something so basic as th...

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Thailand is an immensely fertile land and the society has traditionally drawn strength from agriculture. For the visitor, the fascination with this agricultural society lies in the enormous variety of...

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…………. . Wet, well-washed hands can transmit as many as 60,000 bacteria, while dry, well-washed hands transmit just 200. Moisture is a perfect vehicle for microorganisms, and as it's impossible...

İngilizce/LYS İngilizce Soruları
…………… . Had it not been for the friendly Indians, the colonists would never have survived the terrible winters. From them, they learnt to build canoes for water transportation, and to make s...

İngilizce/LYS İngilizce Soruları
The plant cyclamen is known as "shepherd's soap."………… . They would take the bulbs of the plant, cut them into pieces and rub their clothes with them. The stuff in the plants worked in the same...

İngilizce/LYS İngilizce Soruları
Alan still held the frying pan in his hand. The whites of his eyes glinted in the light of the oil lamp. ………., but at that moment his son, Peter, came into the room, and Alan lowered the pan and...

İngilizce/LYS İngilizce Soruları
………. .The former, an instrumental style used for early forms of modern social dancing, flourished from the early 1890s to 1910. The blues was a vocal style of music developed in the late 1800s. ...

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