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………….. . It costs nearly a million dollars, and is more expensive to run than Concorde. There are just 10 of them in Britain and fewer than a hundred in the world. It is the only car for use o...

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"The Lost World" Is the title of an adventure story written by the late Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes. ……… . There they found and battled with the dinosaur- the Stegosaurus...

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When the pre-Raphaelites became part of the British art scene in the mid-19th century, they became the most talked-about movement in contemporary culture. The popularity of the style of such leading m...

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In many parts of Asia folk jewellery the most dazzling expression of material culture, has disappeared in the wake of modernisation. In Nepal, however, where the Himalayas have formed a barrier to out...

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……….. . At first, actors had to manage with crude, makeshift stages in ruins or barns, but it soon turned out that their efforts were well worth the hardships. It seemed as if the whole nation w...

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One of the dominating astronomical discoveries of the 20th century was the realisation that the galaxies of the universe all seem to be moving away from us. ……….. . In other words, the universe ...

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King Arthur was the king of Britain in what is known as the Arthurian legend. ………….. . However, it is probable that, of the many persons who figure in the Arthurian legend, he is the only one ...

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At the top of the world lie not one pole, but two. ……….. . This pole is not fixed, but slowly wanders. Today it is on Prince William Island, an area rich in minerals, forests and animal life. Th...

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In the past, among the English aristocracy, it was the custom to present boys with a sword and a set of pipes when they came of age. But the pipes were not new when the boy received them. …………...

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Palmistry experts claim the hand is a 'road map' for life events. ………….. . If it goes straight up to the middle finger, success will be slow but sure. If it curves to run parallel with another...

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