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The north Indian Emperor Ashoka, who converted to Buddhism about 200 B.C., led pilgrimages to all the Buddhist sacred places. As he visited them, he repaired old shrines and built new ones. Where...

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If the United States and the European Union want a new round of trade negotiations, they will have to lead by example. ........ . Second, they will need to fix the flaws in World Trade Organizati...

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A generation ago, Venezuela was one of the richest countries in South America. In appearance it was also ore of the regions with more stable democracies, with power more or less alternating betwe...

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"Modern Times" was the last appearance ever made by the Little Tramp, Charlie Chaplain's baggy pants character. Filmed in 1935 and released in 1936, ten years after the advent of sound, it was al...

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Ibn Battuta (134-1374), the greatest Muslim traveller of the Middle Ages, left his home in Tangier as a pilgrim at the age of 21. ........ . Despite this principle of his, he made four pilgrimage...

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Nothing could be more obvious than that the Earth was stable and unmoving, and that we were the centre of the universe. Modern Western science takes its beginning from the denial of this common s...

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Kazakhstan, reaching from the Caspian Sea to China and from Siberia to the Tian Shen Mountains is more than twice as big as the four other former Soviet Central Asian republics put together. It i...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
Descended from a line of crusader warriors and French and English aristocrats, the French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec shared his father's love of horses and hunting as a child. At 12, young ...

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While forks were widely used by the upper class in Italy during the late Middle Ages, they were not known in England until 1608, when the English writer Thomas Coryate returned from a walking tou...

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Would-be inventors have long dreamed of creating a machine so efficient that once started, it would keep itself going indefinitely with no consumption of fuel or other natural resources. ...........

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