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YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
The total amount of lefthanders living in the world reaches over 600 million. According to experts, there will be a billion of lefthanded people by 2020. ----. Furthermore, the people, who can bo...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
Despite its modern facade, Bodrum is actually an ancient town. It was once called Halicarnassus and it had one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. ----. It ...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
On 31 August 1997 Diana was involved in a car accident in Paris, along with her friend Dodi AI-Fayed, and their driver Henri Paul. Fayed's bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones is the only person who survi...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
----. For girls, friends are people with whom they can share secrets, worries and discuss fashion. However for boys, friends act primarily as companions, people with whom they can play football a...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
During the course of her life, the 93-year-old Little Mermaid, sitting on a rock in ankledeep water on the Copenhagen waterfront, has suffered frequent acts of vandalism. ----- . In addition, the...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
Many people living today look back on the so-called good old days with nostalgia when families were closer-knit and life was simpler. ----. Farm families were accustomed to living in dirt. Their ...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
Ask Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper what has been the greatest technological advance in her lifetime, and she'll tell you it's the automobile. A lot of other people might have chosen television, the...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
S. A. Andree's Arctic balloon expedition of 1897 was an ill-fated effort to reach the North Pole in which all three members of the expedition perished. The first Swedish balloonist, proposed a vo...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
When the Quebec Bridge collapsed in September 1916, a horrific sense of deja vu was felt throughout the city. -----. Eighty-five workers perished in that tragedy prompting a Dominion Royal Commis...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
JK Rowling was writing on the next and final installment of Harry Potter. ----. It was due to a shortage of paper in her home city of Edinburgh. Rowling is a pen-and-paper writer, and after finis...

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