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The Industrial Revolution was the major technological, socioeconomic and cultural change in late 18th and early 19th century Britain. ----It began with the mechanisation of the textile industries...

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As it is well known throughout the world, rice is a critical part of much of Chinese cuisine. However, in many parts of China, particularly North China, wheat-based products including noodles and...

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Villages in developing countries often lack many things, such as clean water and electricity. These shortages are easy to see. But a different kind of shortage is not easy to see. -----. Many vil...

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Inflation can have a number of causes. It can be caused by rises in the prices of raw materials. ----Large wage rises can lead to inflation, too. If workers are paid more, prices go up and the co...

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Before television became popular with the average American family, the typical American dinner would involve almost all the family members. Family members, old and young, talked about their daily...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
New technologies have helped people build taller and taller structures. Steel is one such invention. ----The walls at its base had to be bigger to support the extra weight. This is why the talles...

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Oral history is an account of something passed down by word of mouth from one generation to another. -----. However, other historians consider it to be a valid means for preserving and transmitti...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
----. Therefore, war photographers are likely to be killed while trying to get their pictures out of the war arena. Although journalists and photographers are protected by international conventio...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
Bows and arrows are one of man's oldest weapons. They gave early man an effective weapon to kill his enemies. The ordinary bow or short bow was used by nearly all early people. ----However, man o...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
- Visual cues can help prevent absentmindedness. But be sure the cue is clear and available ----Don't leave it in the medicine chest and write yourself a note that you keep in a pocket.

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