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Some sociologists are concerned that America is no longer ‘a melting pot’ but ‘ a salad bowl.’ Unlike most earlier immigrants who were willing to learn English and wanted to ‘melt’ into...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
---- .The faltering economy they inherited was now under additional pressure from those newly employed, including the million-man army of the former regime. There were critical shortages of foreign...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
Gathering information on a possible adversary or adversaries is only the start of the intelligence process. The raw material, once in hand, must be drawn together, analysed, correlated, and evaluat...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
In the 1900s cancer was nearly always fatal; by the 1930s one out of five cancer patients was saved; by 1975 treatment was successful in one out of every three cancer patients. ---- .

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
There are several ways in which to write medical history. ---- . Then there is the social approach to the history of medicine which concentrates on how, when, by whom and with what effect, the ill ...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
The firm Carter was founded by Louis François Carter in 1847 in Paris, but until the end of the century, it remained quite a small concern. ---- . Within ten years there were also branches in Lond...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
How intelligent can machines become? Philosophers and scientists have inconclusively debated this question since before the computer age. One of the reasons put forward for believing in the impossi...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
A career as a space-traffic controller isn’t one most guidance counsellors recommend. But that could change. ---- . Industry analysts worry that, without properly trained ground-control crews to ...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
There are, apparently, sufficient raw materials at hand on the moon to turn it into the shipbuilding capital of the solar system. Building shuttles and satellites on the moon would allow them to be...

YDS Soruları/YDS Paragraf Doldurma Soruları
Napoleon, the greatest of all generals, dismissed and disgraced Admiral Brulx for questioning an order to sail his fleet. ---- . As a result, twenty ships were wrecked, and, 2.000 men were drowned....

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