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Twenty years ago, senior managers might have been protected from unimportant memos by their juniors. …………..most managing directors have e-mail on their desktops, voice mail on their phones, bu...

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Judo is based on the ancient Japanese techniques known as ju-jitsu. It is practised in many countries, and since 1964 has been an event of the Oly...

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Born in St Lucia in 1930, Derek Walcott and his twin brother Roderick were brought up by their mother, a schoolteacher, …………….. . Derek attended school in Jamaica and studied theatre in New ...

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The number of people who go to the cinema has declined since the great days of Hollywood in the 1930s and '40s. The most likely cause is the ever-...

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Some of the best discoveries are accidental. Until the 18405, for example, rubber was not a very useful material because it was too stiff in cold weather and too soft in hot weather. An American named...

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Speaking in public may be more than just terrifying. The stress may be deadly. A new US study has found that people whose hearts show ominous signs of poor circulation during such mental challenges fa...

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Globally, tuberculosis is among the biggest killers of young people and adults. In India, half a million people die from the disease each year. ………….. , when India adopted a strategy known as ...

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In many parts of Asia folk jewellery the most dazzling expression of material culture, has disappeared in the wake of modernisation. In Nepal, however, where the Himalayas have formed a barrier to out...

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………… . Instead, it ended in tragedy just 27 minutes after the chartered commuter plane took off from Montreal's Dorval Airport on June 18. By the time the plane came to a fiery halt after an e...

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Last year, when be was passing through a crisis, my Uncle Ben showed me a cartoon by Charles Addams. ……….. . I didn't feel like analysing the carton. He insisted. He talked about it with such en...

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