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Diego Maradona is regarded by many as one of the greatest football players of all time. In marked contrast to the athleticism he showed during his years as a football player, Maradona has had a s...

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- Solar astronomers do know that the Sun is divided into five layers or zones. Starting at the outside and going down into the Sun, the zones are the corona, chromosphere photosphere, convection z...

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- —. Since then, they have evolved into many shapes, sizes, and colours, but they still have much in common. With few exceptions, cats are solitary hunters that use their terrific senses of hear...

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- —. It has been widely used for this purpose since then. Radar antennas send out radio wave pulses toward the clouds. All types of precipita...

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- Blood is needed for transfusion, mainly for surgical procedures and for accident victims. —. In addition, harmful elements in the blood that will be used by newborns and infants are eliminated...

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- Biodiversity is not distributed evenly. On Earth. —. However, as one approaches polar regions, one finds fewer species. Flora and fauna vary depending on climate, altitude, soils and the prese...

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Ever since universities have existed there have been arguments about what books should be taught to students. ----. Others have maintained that ...

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In Britain today every household with a TV set must, by law, pay for a license which costs about the same for a year as a popular newspaper every day. A few people including those with noncolour TV...

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Italy is the great country of fountains, and the fountains of Rome are world famous. ---- .It was built in the time of Pope Clement XII about the middle of the eighteenth century. The fountain and ...

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How intelligent can machines become? Philosophers and scientists have inconclusively debated this question since before the computer age. One of...

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