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YDS Soruları/YDS Eş Anlam Soruları
- Advertising can persuade the consumer to buy worthless products by appealing to his buying motives.

YDS Soruları/YDS Eş Anlam Soruları
- In order to recover their share of the world market, U.S. automakers are improving product quality.

YDS Soruları/YDS Eş Anlam Soruları
Although the cost of living goes up steeply, people can still afford what they need, since the salaries rise too.

YDS Soruları/YDS Eş Anlam Soruları
You don’t have to attend the next meeting which concerns the details of implementation, but naturally we’ll be delighted if you do.

YDS Soruları/YDS Eş Anlam Soruları
The harnessing of the wind to generate electricity dates back to 1890, but few notable advances were made until 1970 when energy prices began to rise fast.

YDS Soruları/YDS Eş Anlam Soruları
It is not for me to say whether or not the lecture was a good one as it was way outside my field and I hardly understood any of it.

YDS Soruları/YDS Eş Anlam Soruları
Though he knows I’m determined to make Marsden the new manager, he’s constantly seeking to bring him down in my estimation.

YDS Soruları/YDS Eş Anlam Soruları
His career took off to a brillant start, but since then his record hardly seems deserving of mild praise, let alone glory.

YDS Soruları/YDS Eş Anlam Soruları
I surely couldn’t have been expected to forgive him readily as this wasn’t the first time he’d tried to cheat me.

YDS Soruları/YDS Eş Anlam Soruları
The last time I saw your brother was when I ran into him at the station when I was on my way to Glasgow.

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