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YDS Soruları/YDS Okuma Soruları
-9. BRITAIN'S EARLIER PRISONS In England the first use of prisons was to house vagrants and other idle persons. Later, minor offenders and debtors were imprisoned — http://www.sorukurdu.com/test-sorular/YDS-READING-PASSAGES---TEST-5585-25.html

YDS Soruları/YDS Okuma Soruları
-10. THE INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE At the Congress of Paris in 1894, the control and development of the modern Olympic Games was entrusted to the International Olympic Committee — IOC — wi...

YDS Soruları/YDS Okuma Soruları
-12. ODYSSEY Although set within the circumstances of the Trojan War, Homer's Odyssey is a far different book. With his Iliad, from the book itself as well as the archaeological excavations that sup...

YDS Soruları/YDS Okuma Soruları
-The author states that since ancient times, experts have ------ .

YDS Soruları/YDS Okuma Soruları
-18. THE TIGRIS RIVER The streams that join to form the Tigris River begin in high mountains that rim Lake Van in eastern Turkey. Leaving Turkey, the Tigris touches the north-eastern border of Syria...

YDS Soruları/YDS Okuma Soruları
-According to the passage, the Tigris River ------ .

YDS Soruları/YDS Okuma Soruları
-15.TO TEACH OR NOT TO TEACH Jean-Jacques Rousseau believed that children develop - intellectually, physically and emotionally - much like plants. He believed, moreover, that children are innately g...

YDS Soruları/YDS Okuma Soruları
-Montaigne's essays are of particular value today ------ .

YDS Soruları/YDS Okuma Soruları
-4.WITHOUT A TRACE When a catastrophe strikes a ship at sea and she goes to the bottom, there is usually some clue to her fate — a bit of debris or perhaps a floating life jacket. Five years after h...

YDS Soruları/YDS Okuma Soruları
-Since what happened to the Cyclops is unknown ------ .

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