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birinci Bu Testin Birincisi falcon7899
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Dictionaries are clear about, the meaning of 'boring' — "causing boredom, tedious". Boring means something so uninteresting and dull that sleep is the only escape. Fakenham in Norfolk, England, is a rural market town with roots in the printing industry and allegedly the most boring place in Britain. A local resident who let his controversial views loose on the Internet has whipped up a storm of protest from the majority of Fakenham's local people. At the time that the accusation appeared on an Internet page, newspapers and radio stations picked up the story. In retaliation, Fakenham had its own web site designed to explain the town's many virtues. In view of the information on this page, showing Fakenham as being steeped in history and with a remarkably clean river running through it, it seems an attractive place to visit. The riverside walks pass through wildflower meadows, where rare orchids grow in abundance and wildlife, such as the kingfisher, thrives. The town may lack a night club, which prompted the original accusation, but there is a new cinema, a bowling alley, a race course and plenty of pubs, cafes and antique shops. According to the owner of one of the cafes, The Dancing Goat, Fakenham is a wonderful little town and places are only as interesting or boring as people make them.

From the statements given in the passage, it appears that Fakenham's own web site ........ .

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