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The obscurity of James Hargreaves's life contrasts sharply with the worldwide influence of his invention, a yarn-spinning machine called the spinning jenny. Almost nothing is known of his life. He was probably born in Blackburn in Lancashire. England. While still a boy, he became a carpenter and spinner in Standhill, a village nearby. At that time Lancashire was the centre of England's manufacture of cotton goods. The industry was still confined to workers' homes, however, and the cards, spinning wheels and looms were operated by hand. It is said that an accident gave Hargreaves the idea for his spinning jenny. In his crowded cottage, which served him both as home and workshop, he was experimenting with spinning two threads at one time. His experiments were unsuccessful, however, because the horizontal spindles allowed the threads to fly apart and become tangled. After his daughter Jenny overturned the experimental machine and its wheel continued to revolve with the spindles in a vertical position, it occurred to Hargreaves that a machine with spindles in this position might be successful. He proceeded to build a spinning machine, probably in 1764, that would spin eight threads at the same time. He called his new invention a spinning jenny.

According to the passage, James Hargreaves ------ .

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