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A team of American and Russian archaeologists announced the findings they recorded during the lengthy excavation of a series of ancient tombs that date back to the 6th century BC, which were discovered along the westernmost border of Kazakhstan. Most surprising among the findings were the contents found within the tombs of females. The women had been buried along with swords, daggers, bows and arrows, leading many of the archaeologists to the preliminary conclusion that at least some of the female members of Sauromatian and Sarmation nomadic tribes, to which the tombs had been traced, served as warriors. One of the most provocative graves was that of a bowlegged young woman who had been buried with a dagger and a quiver containing 40 bronze-tipped arrows. The woman's bowed legs, combined with the armaments at her side, seemed to indicate that she was trained both in horseback riding and archery and was perhaps skilled in the practice of mounted warfare. Some observers suggested that the women warriors bore some relation to the mythical Amazons, powerful female warriors of whom the Greek historian Herodotus had written. Archaeologists involved with the excavation stated that any connection between the entombed women and the legendary Amazons was largely speculative.

Archaeologists who carried out the excavations ------ .

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