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"Backpackers" refers to a subculture of generally youthful travellers exploring the planet on a limited budget. They refer to themselves as backpackers because they can be roughly defined as travellers that travel with a rucksack instead of a suitcase. Backpackers need specialised equipment that is both durable and extremely lightweight. Tents, sleeping bags cook stoves and even special food that is light enough to be carried for great distances can be purchased at stores that sell camping equipment. Most gear is carried in a backpack. A typical American backpack is designed to be attached to a metal frame that distributes the weight evenly across the wearer's shoulders and hips. Rucksacks, backpacks without metal frames, are more popular in Europe. Backpackers often go hiking and camping, backpacking in the other sense, but they more often explore more urban settings. United in having slim wallets as well as a passion for the exotic, they seek out low-cost options such as standby flights, youth hostels, and buying food at supermarkets abroad instead of going to restaurants. They often assemble in beautiful places with low costs of living such as Goa (India), Essaouira (Morocco), or Thailand. They are generally very social, and a highlight for many backpackers is meeting others like themselves on the road. They are quick to share advice on great sites, cheap accommodations and e-mail addresses. Many strive to meet locals wherever they visit but find that the loose network of backpackers makes them feel at home instantly in a foreign country.

According to the passage, backpackers ------ .

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