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Graffiti originally was the term used for inscriptions, figure drawings, etc.. found on the walls of ancient ruins, as in the Catacombs, or at Pompeii. But it has evolved to include any decorations inscribed on rocks or walls that are considered to be vandalism. However, some people consider graffiti, or some graffiti, an art form; this is usually denoted as urban Aerosol Art. The practices of graffiti and of considering graffiti as art are generally related to a subculture that rebels against extant societal authorities, or against authority as such. Graffiti art is considered one of the four elements of the Hip Hop Culture. Although existing previously in primitive form, it wasn't until it reached popularity in the New York City subway system that it took on an extravagant artistic role. The founder or inspiration is noted as TAKI 183; a teenage pizzaboy who would tag his nickname in marker within every subway-car that he daily got on. After being showcased in the newspaper, the intricate "tag" was being mimicked by hundreds of urban youth within months. With the innovation of art, and the craving to gain the widest audience, attempts by taggers were made. What developed was a strict adherence to spraypaint, sampling foreign calligraphy, and the much anticipated mural that usually covered an entire subway-car. The movement spread to the streets, returned to the railroads where tagging was popularised by Hobos, spread nationwide with the aid of media and Rap music; thus, being yet mimicked again worldwide.

According to the passage, graffiti as art ------ .

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