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Blood, Sweat and Tears is an American musical group. A pioneer in the field of jazz rock, the group topped the charts in the late 1960s with their fresh sound. The idea for the group was conceived by Al Kooper, a keyboard player and vocalist who had previously been a member of the Royal Teens and the Blues Project. He wanted to form a band that would expand the scope of rock to include elements of jazz, blues, classical and folk music. The core of the original group included Kooper, Blues Project guitarist Steve Katz, drummer Bobby Colomby and bassist Jim Fielder. Blood, Sweat and Tears added numerous horn players from New York jazz and studio bands before releasing the moderately successful debut album Child is Father to the Man in 1968. It included various Kooper compositions as well as songs by Randy Newman, Carole King and others. Several members, including Kooper, left to pursue other interests after the first album. The band regrouped with David Clayton-Thomas, formerly in the Canadian blues band The Bossmen, as the lead vocalist. The 1969 Grammy-winning album Blood, Sweat and Tears spent more than two years on the United States charts, including seven successive weeks at number one. The group also achieved worldwide recognition, and the US State Department asked the band to do a good will tour abroad. In the early 1970s, the band had hits with 'Hi-De-Ho', 'Lucretia MacEvrl' and 'Go Down Gambling'. A series of singers replaced Clayton-Thomas when he left to pursue a solo career, but he rejoined the group in 1974. With the emergence of otherrock bands with a similar emphasis on brass, the group had trouble duplicating its recording success but became popular on the nightclub circuit. Through the years, more than forty musicians filled the positions of the eight-to-ten-member band.

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