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A dancer's training is as strenuous as that of an athlete. In the great academies of the classical dance — the pre-eminent centres in the late 20th century are found in New York City's School of American Ballet and St. Petersburg's Kirov Ballet School — a would-be dancer begins to train at the age of 7 or 8. If the young dancer shows both physical and artistic promise, the next decade will be spent perfecting a program that is progressively more rigorous. Following a strict series of exercises that have been developed and refined over the last three centuries, the young dancer will be trained in a great tradition. The limbs will be strengthened, the torso will be moulded into what ballet masters consider an ideal posture, and the dancer's experience will be enriched through the study of related subjects in humanities and the arts. Should the dancer show exceptional promise, he or she will be accepted into the corps de ballet of a company, where an apprenticeship of a different sort begins. First, to give the young performer experience, the dancer will fill minor roles. While the glamour associated with these roles may be slight, they give the young performer a chance to gain assurance on stage and the opportunity to measure skills against those of other young artists. Should the dancer continue to grow in stature, graduation from the corps de ballet may lead to becoming a soloist or a principal artist. Of the multitude of students who begin the study of dance, only a few of the most gifted will win the fame and fortune to which many aspire.

According to the passage, trainee ballet dancers ------ .

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