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For more than two and a half centuries, the final resting place of one of history's most notorious sea vessels remained a mystery. In 1718 the Queen Anne's Revenge, which had been the fleet flagship of the infamous pirate Edward Teach, was sunk off the Atlantic coast of the American colonies. Teach, known popularly as Black beard, escaped from the sinking vessel along with his crew. Legend has it that they were able to save the vast treasures they had accumulated during two years of plundering ships and towns along the Eastern seaboard. Although the whereabouts of the rumoured treasure remained unknown, marine archaeologists working off the coast of North Carolina discovered what they believed to be the sunken remains of the Queen Anne's Revenge. The hull of the ship apparently settled near where it was reported to have sunk, in water little more than 6 metres deep and less than 2 miles from the coast. The location of the ship had remained undetermined for more than 270 years mostly because of the clutter of other ships at the bottom of the ocean in that area. Since the time of the ship's sinking, literally hundreds of ships had come to rest in the vicinity of the suspected resting place of the Queen Anne's Revenge. The team of marine archaeologists, however, consulted a rare book from 1719 that chronicled the story of the sinking of Black beard’s notorious ship, which ran ashore in 1718 while attempting to enter Beaufort inlet near North Carolina. The book provided an exact description of the location where the ship went down, and the marine archaeologists were able to locate the ship using that information and a sophisticated device designed to detect large amounts of metal. This device made it possible for the archaeologists to detect the ship's numerous cannons. In November 1996, after a decade-long process of research and underwater searching, the team finally located the hull of a ship that seemed consistent with known information concerning the design of the Queen Anne's Revenge.

The remains of the ship described in the passage were found------ .

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