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-11.FROM HOLY WATER TO COCA-COLA According to the ancient mathematician Hero of Alexandria, Egyptian temples in about 215 BC had devices from which one could get a squirt of holy water for a few small coins. Today's vending machines, however, have their origins in coin-operated dispensers of tobacco and snuff in 18th-century England, and later in the American colonies. These were called honour boxes, because when a coin was inserted, the top opened, laying bare the supply. Customers were on their honour to take their entitled amount and then close the lid so that the next person could pay. The first practical vending machines appeared in the United States in 1888 — chewing gum machines on elevated train platforms in New York City. The machines remained gum and pennycandy vendors until the modern cigarette machine was introduced in 1926. Cigarette machines were the first to return change. The first soft-drink machine appeared in 1937.

In ancient Alexandria, visitors to temples ------ .

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